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AIMP – the free, multipurpose audio player developed by the Russian programmer Artem Izmaylov. In AIMP you can find all the tools that they can have an audio player.

AIMP is a not only pure and high-quality sounding of music, but also good functionality, the minimum use of system resources and the small size of the program.


The player contains a powerful 18 band equalizer. By means of which you can operate a sound not only moving one of a romper suit, but also visually editing the schedule of distribution of loudness of frequencies. Besides it is possible to regulate the speed of reproduction of audio, to add various effects, such as an echo, reverberation, chorus and flanger. All settings set by you remain in the separate file. The player interface is laid out in detail, so that you can manage it, literally, on intuition.


AIMP is based on the audio engine Bass. It supports large number of formats: ogg; wma; s3m; mp3; mp2; mp1; mtm; wav; mod; it; tak; tta; umx; mo3; midi and many others. In addition, the player contains audio converter, with which you can convert music from a variety of formats to MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, as well as for copying music from audio CDs (CD-DA, AudioCD). When listening to a song you can make an assessment, thereby accounting for rating compositions. The player is equipped with a module for listening to radio stations online.

With the player you can record from any audio source. To edit tags on groups of files, and also to rename them. It is possible to connect plug-ins to AIMP from WINAMP (Input, DSP and GPP). Besides, the plug-ins are built in a player, among which also: “exception of a computer” or “the program on the timer”, “library of audio of files”, “visualization” and others.

At present AIMP one of the most widespread audio of players in the territory of Ukraine and Russia as is absolutely free and has a full set of functions which aren’t present even in some commercial players. For AIMP the mass of skins (subjects), plug-ins, icons, wall-paper is created and it is a lot of other useful products.

The player is translated into 46 languages of the world, besides is capable to display the menu with transliteration use.

That new in AIMP v4.00 Build 1647 Beta 2:

— Common:

Added an ability to specify the 352.8 KHz sample rate (for devices that support this sample rate)
Hints are now displayed when changing the slider in the DSP-Manager dialog via mouse wheel or keyboard
Formatting templates – list of available functions moved to sub-menu
Skin: added an ability to reduce main window width to 450 px
Skin Engine: playlist – hint is now appears for truncated items
Skin Engine: loading speed has been increased for skins in the ACS4 format
Skin Engine: waveform-navigator – wave creation progress is now displayed
Music Library: Grouping Tree Preset Editor – drag-n-drop support has been added
Music Library: Grouping Tree Preset Editor – multi-select functionality has been added

— Fixed:

Playlists Manager – an error occurs when loading inactive playlist via click by checkbox in the group header

 To look at all history of changes …

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the website AIMP

  1. Uere Reebu Bainrebu

    I like to let you know that AIMP3 is very beautiful, the most beautiful I think, but I need to let you know that I really find it annoying especially when I install a new version and all my playlists in the old version were all lost, so I have to start all over again remaking my playlists and all that etc..
    So PLEASE could make future versions that can keep all my former playlists?

    I LOVE AIMP3 as it gave the user all it’s functionality easily and BEAUTIFUL skins.

  2. John R. Pedro

    Starting with version 3.60, the help file directs that Winamp DSP plugins are to be in a folder of the same name as the plugin (Winamp), without the file extension. This folder is then to be installed into the Aimp Plugins folder.
    Sounds simple enough, however I cannot get any of the Winamp DSP’s to be recognized and used by Aimp! Unless it is a Windows Vista issue?
    Anybody else having the same problem? Is there a cure? Thanks in advance!


  3. jenni


    As with winamp i could use output plugin to convert the with DSP plugin.
    Meaning that when i convert to the mp3 file te file has better sound created/coming from the dsp (DFX) plug in.
    So is this possible with Aimp3, If so what is the output plug that can work along with dsp plugins?

    Thanks in advance.


  4. Brent Wilson

    I attempted to install Dfx which I use for Winamp, but AIMP3 version 3.60 shows the DSP Manager “greyed out” and it says that it is disabled. How can I enable it?

  5. Ron

    since last update I’ve been unable to get the player to display controls, playlists ect. now it seems to be in pause with nothing to bring it to play control wise
    great work fixin those bugs.


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