AIMP for Android v0.6 Build 90 Beta 5

What’s new in AIMP for Android v0.6 Build 90 Beta 5? + Common: Association with audio files has been added + Playlist: Added an ability to group items in the playlist * UI: Skin has been updated * UI: The menu button has been added to each screen * UI: Frequently used items have been moved to main screen from pop-up panels * Player: Added an ability to switch off the “preloading of next track” functionality * Player: The BASS libraries have been updated * Player: Added support of landscape screen orientation * Playlist: Format of the playlist storage has been changed – you must reload files into playlist

AIMP v3.55 Build 1338

What’s new in AIMP v3.55 Build 1338? * DSP-Manager: Added an ability to switch on/off all cross mixing settings quickly * Player: The “Insert after current” command in addition to current behavior, now puts track to the beginning of playback queue