AIMP v3.55 Build 1355

What’s new in AIMP v3.55 Build 1355? Audio Library: The “Add to AIMP’s playlist” menu item has been added to the context menu for grouping tree Fixed: Common – tray icon flashes during program startup Fixed: Common – application hangs in some cases when trying to add corrupted files in OGG format Fixed: Common – Files from the Windows Explorer were not added to the list at start of application Fixed: Sound Engine incorrectly identifies a list of supported formats for some device types Fixed: Playlists Manager – an ability to set unsupported file as pre-image via drag-n-drop operation Fixed: Playlist – item with URL cannot be sent into other ...

AIMP v3.60. What’s new? Released

What awaits us in the new update Aimp v3.60? — New API for plugins. Perhaps this is the most important innovation of all. The new API is quite seriously processed. To go to it, will have to edit the code plug-ins, but it’s worth it 1. OOA. Around the API is now used object-oriented approach. 2. ARC. ARC – automatic calculation of links. 3. Extensibility. The plugin will be able to expand the existing capabilities API. 4. Help. Finally got a normal API documentation. 5. Working Directory plugin 6. Packs 7. Multithreading. Audited by multithreading support in those or other objects. 8. Many other new features