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Advantages of AIMP

AIMP is completely free media player with the closed initial code, written in the programming language «Delphi» for the family of Windows.

Main functions and possibilities of AIMP:

— The first that it should be noted, it is a powerful 18-band equalizer with 4 special effects built in it: chorus, reverb, flanger, pitch and more common: echo, tempo, bass, gain, suppression of voice, the speed of playback.


— To minimize the player to the system tray. The user can turn the player as a small player control panel (Tray Control), and in the tray itself.


— Analog meter. The plug-in, allowing watching sound reproduction in the form of two scales, in real time display level of flexibility of each of visualization channels.


— Simultaneous work with several playlists is possible.

— Library AIMP. This plug-in is an organizer music files on your computer. With the help of audio library, you can easily organize your music, so whatever you like, put estimates, keeping playback statistics.


— Multilingual player.



— Hotkeys. Each user of AIMP has an opportunity to adjust local and global keys under themselves.


— Opportunity to listen and write down a broadcasting of radio stations online.



— The presence of audio converter that allows you to convert music from all popular formats into mp3, wav, wma, ogg.


— Presence of the editor of tags with which you can edit tags of audio files, and also sort them by the set template, edit one file or rename group of files.



— Alarm Clock. With this feature, the user can set the start time of any selected tracks from the gradual increase of the volume.



— CoverArt Downloader. Search and establishment of new skins (subjects) for AIMP.


— The intuitive interface of the player.

— Possibility of storage of a playlist in the track list of HTML format or usual txt.

— Visualization. AIMP has compatibility with Sonique-plug-ins.

— A large number of the plug-ins, and also opportunity to add plug-ins from Winamp (Input, DSP and GPP)

— Flexible settings of a player.

— Extended functionality. Developers player will allow the user to add new utils or extend the capabilities of those that already have a broadly, the presence.

— Support of many formats of music: MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, AC3, APE, DTS, FLAC, IT, TTA, MIDI, MO3, MOD, M4A, MP1, MP2, M4B, MPC, OFR, MTM, CDA, RMI, SPX, S3M, TAK, UMX, WMA, WV, XM.

— The possibility of turning off the computer at a specified time, at the end of track or playlist.

— Possibility of record with AudioCD. By means of the built-in utility the audio converter, the user can write down files with AudioCD in a MP3, ogg, wav or wma.

— Minimum consumption of system resources.

Comments ( 8 )

  • Great sound reproduction etc…. Only ONE thing I SERIOUSLY NEED for Aimp3…. A jump file/qeue manager that functions like the Jump To File Extra plugin Winamp has!

  • 1 – Где можно скачать связывают это плагинов?
    2 – Bu Eklentinin İndirme Linki Nerede ?
    3 – Where to Download Link this Plug-ins?

  • I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but after I download Aimp3 and begin playing mp3 files Aimp CPU usage rise to 100% and makes my laptop lags. Playing the same file even on Windows media player never take more than 20% of CPU time. For the record, I’m using WinXP and also have K-Lite codec pack installed. Hope you can help with this issue, or a solution so I can continue using Aimp. Thanks and keep rocking!.

  • Aimp looks and feels awesome to use. The problem I have is the same as above commenter. Whenever I switch between tracks my CPU usage spikes, which is really annoying when playing multiplayer games because I get fps drops

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