AIMP 3.55 Build 1307 RC

What’s new in AIMP 3.55 Build 1307 RC?

— Sound Engine: Cache system has been improved – read latency has been reduced
— Jump to Time: Added an ability to split minutes and seconds by space symbol
— Manual: Added search ability
— Tags: replay gain are now supported for MusePack v8 format
— Fixed: Sound Engine – An error occurs when switching between tracks in some cases
— Fixed: Sound Engine – Information about bitrate in the metadata section are ignored
— Fixed: Sound Engine – The mixing effect cuts end of track, if effect time is less than a second
— Fixed: Player – Local hot keys doesn’t work if full screen visualization mode is active
— Fixed: Player – Crashes on terminating if one of the DSP-plugin is active
— Fixed: Player – No an ability to set multimedia keys as local hot keys
— Fixed: Player – The content of CUE sheet is loaded incorrectly, if load it as a playlist
— Fixed: Playlist – Mouse wheel settings are ignored
— Fixed: Playlist – Zoom level not saved on restart
— Fixed: Playlists – Few extra drop target slots are exists when moving files in the playlist via mouse
— Fixed: Skin Engine – Small bugs have been fixed
— Fixed: Managing Playlists – Selection has been restored incorrectly after playlist deletion+

Download AIMP 3.55 Build 1307 RC

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