AIMP for Android v0.6 Build 90 Beta 5

What’s new in AIMP for Android v0.6 Build 90 Beta 5?

+ Common: Association with audio files has been added
+ Playlist: Added an ability to group items in the playlist

* UI: Skin has been updated
* UI: The menu button has been added to each screen
* UI: Frequently used items have been moved to main screen from pop-up panels
* Player: Added an ability to switch off the “preloading of next track” functionality
* Player: The BASS libraries have been updated
* Player: Added support of landscape screen orientation
* Playlist: Format of the playlist storage has been changed – you must reload files into playlist

– Fixed: Widget – bugs with start playback if player is not running
– Fixed: Player – scratches during playback can be heard in some cases
– Fixed: Playlist – file extensions are not displayed in some cases
– Fixed: Playlist – bug with identification of playable file after manual sorting
– Fixed: Playlist – Clicking on the “Back” button in the search mode show the main screen instead of rollback to the normal mode
– Fixed: Equalizer – No an ability to access to some sliders on small displays
– Fixed: Equalizer – the auto adjustment to the playable track genre does not work
– Fixed: Equalizer – Clicking on the “Back” button the screen switched to the main by fits and starts

Download AIMP for Android v0.6 Build 90 Beta 5

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