AIMP for Android v0.90 Build 125 RC 1

What’s new in AIMP for Android v0.90 Build 125 RC 1?

New features:
— Player: An ability to import playlists (M3U / M3U8 / CUE / AIMPBPL formats are supported)
— Player: An ability to export playlists to the M3U8 / AIMPBPL formats
— Widget in Notification area: the close button has been added with ability to terminate the application
— Files adding dialog: An ability to remove focused file from drive
— Playlist: An ability to merge similar groups automatically
— Playlist: An ability to remove track from playlist via the swipe-to-left gesture

— Widget – no preview in the system list of available widgets
— Widget in Notification area – an ability to remove widget if player is paused
— Widget in Notification area – notification start time is displayed under Android v2.3
— Widget in Notification area – widget appears spontaneously even if player is turned off
— Files adding dialog – an incorrect order of folders / files if their names contains a number values
— Files adding dialog – state of items are reset after screen rotation
— Player – stuttering occurs in some cases if player works in background
— Player incorrectly calculates duration for some files in WavPack format
— Player – some german letters displayed incorrectly
— Player – some tracks cannot be switched via moving seek bar to the end
— Playlist – An ability to sort / remove tracks are blocked after screen rotation
— Playlist – track moves higher that required when moving it to the end of his group.
— Equalizer – some glitches in the “auto adjust equalizer to the song genre” algorithm
— Equalizer “loses” the name of active preset in some cases
— Equalizer – the “Auto” button does not react on tap at first time if equalizer was switched off when the automatic adjustment mode is active
— Equalizer – a custom preset does not activated after switching off the automatic adjustment mode

— All used libraries were updated to the actual versions
— Compatibility with the Android L has been improved

Download AIMP for Android v0.90 Build 125 RC 1

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