AIMP for Android v2.00 Build 230 Beta 2

What’s new in AIMP for Android v2.00 Build 230 Beta 2 ?

— Common:

Playlist: Export – an ability to choose target folder
Playlist: the “send to other playlist” command has been added to context menu of selected file
Playlist: search now takes file name into account

— Fixed:

Common – the “preload tracks” option switched off automatically in some cases
Common – sliders cease to respond for touching if move out the finger from area of slider
Widgets – widget from notification area has no background on some devices
Player – value from the year field is displayed instead of title, if file contains ID3v1 tag only
Player – no sound after jump to next track when listening tracks from CUE sheet
Playlist – tracks displays without titles in some cases after loading the CUE sheet as playlist
Playlist – playlist scrolls to the end of list after the end of track from other playlist
Known bugs that leads to crash of application were fixed
Small bugs were fixed

Download AIMP for Android v2.00 Build 230 Beta 2

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