AIMP for Android v2.00 Build 263

What’s new in AIMP for Android v2.00 Build 263?

New design of application
Added support of hardware search button

Widget with size 4×2 has been added
Widget with size 4×4 has been added (with sizing abilities)

File Adding Dialog
An ability to jump to parent folder via swipe-to-right gesture

An ability to down mix the audio file to mono
An ability to set track as ringtone (following formats are supported: MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, OPUS, OGG, M4A, MP4)
An ability to switch off integration with system lock screen
Player now checks the album art image in the “Covers” sub folder
Down mix to stereo is now supported for multi-channel audio files
Menu of playable file with recently used commands has been added
Support of internet-radio has been added
Balance slider has been added
Player will suspend the playback if “audio focus” is lost
Long click at “pause” or “start playback” buttons now stops playback

An ability to sort list when grouping (optionally)
Application switches from deletion mode to normal after deleting the last track from playlist
Grouping by folder – only parent folder name is displaying now in group header
An ability to reverse order of the items
Export – an ability to choose target folder
The “send to other playlist” command has been added to context menu of selected file
Tags for all tracks are read now in background thread
Multiple playlists support has been added
Current grouping mode is now highlighted in the context menu
Search now takes file name into account
Long click at “search” button is now focus current track in playlist

Sleep timer and alarm clock have been introduced
An ability to cancel sleep timer action from notification area

All functionality have been moved to separate window
Current value of the adjustable slider is now displayed
Compatibility with official client has been improved

Download AIMP for Android v2.00 Build 263

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