AIMP v3.60 Build 1421 Beta 1

What’s new in AIMP v3.60 Build 1421 Beta 1?


— Templates: macros for date modified / time modified of file were added

— Quick Tag Editor: An ability to display information about the bit depth for some formats
— Album Arts: search and loading algorithm have been improved
— Replay Gain calculator: performance has been increased at 60 %


— Sound Engine – does not react on changing of default output device if the WASAPI interface is used for output
— Skin Engine – incorrect evaluation at some expressions
— Player – an error occurs when trying to open files from external sources
— Player – sometimes the “Audio Device Settings” button disappears after clicking on it
— Player – an extended information about the error during connection to internet radio station does not displayed in the error box
— Player does not catch the CUE files from .iso.wv images
— Player does not catch CUE file that contains the “File” word in the comment section
— Player – the “add to the playback queue” command was missed from context menu of Windows Explorer
— Player – reselection of visualization does not activate it
— Playlist – the “rescan tags” function was not take changes from CUE files into account
— Playlist – content of playlist file loads incorrectly
— Audio Converter – WMA Encoder was missed
— Controls – the typed value is not checked for validity
— Controls – moving mouse cursor to the disabled menu item or separator in parent level does not hide child sub menu
— Album Arts – an error message occurs during album art loading from sub folder
— Album Arts – the black square is displayed instead of album art in JPG format in some cases
— Album Arts – no way to open album arts catalogs for virtual files
— Tag Editor – the “Lyrics” tab was missed
— plugin does not scrobble albums
— – incorrect logic of scrobbler with the AlbumArtist tag field
— – an error occurs in the plugin after remove access for application in profile at the web site.
— plugin stops playback because of crash
— SACD – an error occurs during loading files in the DSF format
— few bugs with localization of some elements
— minor bugs and defects

Download AIMP v3.60 Build 1421 Beta 1

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