AIMP v3.60 Build 1451 RC 2

What’s new in AIMP v3.60 build 1451 RC 2?


Sound Engine: Replay Gain’s “on-fly” calculation algorithm has been improved


Common – some command line keys does not work
Sound Engine – jumps to next track before the end in some case
Sound Engine – playback progress calculates incorrectly
Playlist – the “Insert after current” command set selected track into incorrect position, if it placed before the playable
Tag Editor – reads rating from ID3v2 incorrectly in some cases
Skin Engine – the TASEScrollbar element handles mouse wheel incorrectly
Skin Engine – wrong visualization of ability to dock main screen to the edge of screen after closing the playlist window
Controls – click via RMB at slider does not set focus to it – some service errors was not handled correctly
Small bugs and defects were fixed

Download AIMP v3.60 build 1451 RC 2

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