AIMP v3.60. What’s new? Released

What awaits us in the new update Aimp v3.60?

— New API for plugins. Perhaps this is the most important innovation of all. The new API is quite seriously processed. To go to it, will have to edit the code plug-ins, but it’s worth it
1. OOA. Around the API is now used object-oriented approach.
2. ARC. ARC – automatic calculation of links.
3. Extensibility. The plugin will be able to expand the existing capabilities API.
4. Help. Finally got a normal API documentation.
5. Working Directory plugin
6. Packs
7. Multithreading. Audited by multithreading support in those or other objects.
8. Many other new features

— Compatibility with previous versions:
1. Plugins
2. Modules Folder. Modules folder was completely folded, it appeared to place the folder. \ System,. \ System \ Data,. \ System \ Encoders
3. Сore. Kernel file (AIMP3.DLL) was divided into two parts – a library with player-independent code (AIMP.Runtime.DLL) and a library with a common code for all utilities program (AIMP.Shared.DLL)
4. Mini Player aka TrayControl

— New Features
1. Support DEP and ASLR technologies
2. Skins Album
3. Manager sound effects
4. Plugin for service
5. Tape Information
6. Updated Playlist


Public beta testing scheduled birthday project, August 8, 2014.

Download AIMP v3.60

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