AIMP v4.00 Build 1647 Beta 2

What’s new in AIMP v4.00 Build 1647 Beta 2?

— Common:

Added an ability to specify the 352.8 KHz sample rate (for devices that support this sample rate)
Hints are now displayed when changing the slider in the DSP-Manager dialog via mouse wheel or keyboard
Formatting templates – list of available functions moved to sub-menu
Skin: added an ability to reduce main window width to 450 px
Skin Engine: playlist – hint is now appears for truncated items
Skin Engine: loading speed has been increased for skins in the ACS4 format
Skin Engine: waveform-navigator – wave creation progress is now displayed
Music Library: Grouping Tree Preset Editor – drag-n-drop support has been added
Music Library: Grouping Tree Preset Editor – multi-select functionality has been added

— Fixed:

Playlists Manager – an error occurs when loading inactive playlist via click by checkbox in the group header
Playlist Manager – an error occurs when trying to import folders as playlist, if one of loaded playlist is folder based smart-playlist
Player – an error occurs when trying to delete equalizer preset
Playlist – adding the files – progress of the “find files” operation is not displaying
Tag Editor – ID3v2 – parser does not work correctly with multiple values fields
Skin Engine – an error occurs in some cases during fading finalization in the TabControl element
Skin Engine – an error occurs when loading a skin that uses a blur effect
Skin Engine – hue intensity incorrectly applied to shared textures
Skin Engine – elements draws incorrectly if they placed over the masked BluredGlass element
Skin Engine – behavior of scroll bars in the elements of music library is differs from behavior of scroll bar in playlist
Skin Engine – elements of music library – incremental search does not override the local hotkeys
Skin Engine – waveform-navigator cuts off the wave of playable track in some cases
Music Library – an error occurs if hide all columns
Music Library – grouping by date works incorrectly
Music Library – wrong order of files when moving them into a playlist via drag-n-drop
Music Library – rescan tags does not work with edited CUE files
Music Library – does not work under Windows XP
Music Library – some settings cannot be stored to configuration file
Music Library works with read-only playlists incorrectly
Music Library – no hint for truncated text of currently using grouping tree preset
Music Library – filter editor saves nested levels incorrectly

Download AIMP v4.00 Build 1647 Beta 2

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