AIMP v4.00 Build 1650 Beta 2

What’s new in AIMP v4.00 Build 1650 Beta 2?

— Common:

Music Library: now the data are loaded for visible columns only

Macro names in menu with macro list are highlighted now via bold font
Skin Engine: waveform-navigator – accuracy of analysis has been improved
Skin Engine: waveform-navigator – added support of Replay Gain settings
Skin Engine: waveform-navigator – performance of calculation has been improved
Music Library: performance of the “search new files” operation has been improved

— Fixed:

Sound Engine – application crashes if user select more than 8 channels in settings of ASIO-based device
Common – an error occurs in some cases when closing the application that could lead to hang of the application
Common – menu with macro list does not work for formatting line for internet radio capture
Playlist – tooltip for truncated text of item does not allow to set user rating for track
Playlist – the “insert after current” command removes tracks from read only playlists
Playlist – application hangs when trying to set user mark for group of files
Tag Editor – wrong information is displayed in main window for selected track if editor was not load information about it
skin – height of caption bar of visualization window is differs from height of caption bar of other secondary windows
Skin Engine – an error occurs when restoring the minimized fixed window
Skin Engine – mini-player appears again after change the skin to another
Skin Engine – scroll bar does not react on click via middle mouse button
Skin Engine – user can resize window via right and middle mouse buttons
Skin Engine – size of main window is changed in some cases after restore the minimized window
Fixed: Skin Engine – background color of AlbumArt element loads incorrectly for skins from AIMP3
Music Library – wrong order of files when moving them into a playlist via drag-n-drop
Music Library – value of the album artist field does not take into account for grouping
Music Library – hiding a column does not reset the sorting by this column
Music Library – hiding a column does not reset the column filter
Music Library sends to editor non-existent files
Plugins – – no support for tag fields with multiple values
Plugins – – duration of track does not sent to server
Small bugs were fixed

Download AIMP v4.00 Build 1650 Beta 2

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