AIMP v4.00 Build 1655 Beta 3

What’s new in AIMP v4.00 Build 1655 Beta 3?

— Main changes:

Smart-playlists: added an ability to sort files after adding to playlist via user defined template
Tag Editor: added an ability to copy / paste album art images to / from the system clipboard
Music Library: added an ability to combine an empty levels in grouping tree in the “no grouping” mode
Music Library: added an ability to find misplaced files automatically
Music Library: added an ability to delete automatically non-existed files from data base
Music Library: added an ability to send selected files from grouping tree to selected playlist

Common: 3rd party libraries have been updated
Common: Parser for CUE formats now ignores an empty fields
Playlist: Performance of builder for shuffle queue has been increased at 3 times
Skin Engine: waveform-navigator – accuracy of analysis has been improved

— Fixed: 
Common – tables – no an ability to start selection via mouse by clicking at empty space of control
Playlist – quick search – no an ability to navigate between items via cursors
Playlist – an error occurs when clicking at the header of group in some cases
Playlist – title of confirmation dialog window contains information about the playable file instead of application title
Playlist – selection of group of files works incorrectly if content has been filtered
Player – running line does not updated after changing the track mark
Player – internet-radio – macro selection menu woks incorrectly
Player – application hangs when trying to play some corrupted WAV-files.
Player – equalizer – preamp line is not visible
Skin Engine – mini-player window that docked to screen edge does not hide automatically
Skin Engine – no way to restore the AIMP by click via middle mouse button at tray icon
Skin Engine – dock area was not highlighted when dock the child window to top edge of master window
Skin Engine – window was not maximized after double click at the title area, if docked window is placed in this area.
Skin Engine – music library – click via right mouse button closes menu and does not open it again
Skin Engine – small bugs and defects
Default skin – waveform is displaying when listening radio station, even if the “show waveform over the seek bar” option is switched off
Default skin – small bugs were fixed
Tag Editor – an error occurs in some cases when trying to save changes if player is running
Music Library – grouping tree – the “no grouping” mode is case sensitive
Music Library – playback cannot be started via double click at table
Music Library – no information about the virtual files in the “information about file” dialog
Music Library – few button does not have tool tips
Music Library – sorting by the “file size” field works incorrectly
Music Library – total duration of files in table calculates incorrectly
Plugins – – tracks that contains a “%” symbol cannot be scrobbled
Plugins – – no information about the user in the “information about file” dialog

Download AIMP v4.00 Build 1655 Beta 3

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