AIMP v4.00 Build 1667 RC 1

What’s new in AIMP v4.00 Build 1667 RC 1?

Common – Browse Folder dialog – name of parent folder is lost after create the new folder
Common – problems with closing the application via context menu of app button at taskbar
Common – URL cannot be moved from one playlist to other via Drag-n-Drop
player – internet-radio – cyrillic symbols does not detected correctly in some cases
Playlist – Managing Playlists dialog – double click at scroll bar selects playlist item under it
Playlist – dropping playlist file to the playlist tabs area does not import it as playlist file
Skin Engine – hint for the bookmark in the drop down bookmarks menu was not skinned
Skin Engine – hint for playlist item does not take zoom factor into account
Advanced Search – the “Index in Queue” column is too small by default
Advanced Search – selected track starts playing by double-clicking at separator between columns
Music Library – local hotkeys that contains only the SHIFT modifier does not work
Music Library – the “Composer” tag field does work with multiple values
Music Library – folder that dropped to grouping tree, adds to the “Default” playlist and starts playing automatically
Small bugs were fixed

Download AIMP v4.00 Build 1667 RC 1

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