AIMP v4.00 Build 1683 – stable!

What’s new in AIMP v4.00 Build 1683?

Hints are now displayed when changing the slider in the DSP-Manager dialog via mouse wheel or keyboard
Formatting templates – list of available functions moved to sub-menu
Version number of application has been removed from names of binaries
Macros – one-letter / two-letter names of macros are replaced with friendly names
Macros – names in menu with macro list are highlighted now via bold font
Macros – list of macros for playable file has been expanded, following macros have been added: %AlbumGain, %TrackGain and %Lyrics
Macros – list of functions for text manipulation has been expanded

New design of application
Windows animation no longer inhibits UI
Scrollbar thumb jumps to previous position when mouse cursor leaves scrollbar zone

Sound Engine
Added an ability to specify the 352.8 KHz sample rate (for devices that support this sample rate)

An ability to limit number of attempts to reconnect to internet-radio station when connection is lost

And many others. Read more:

Download AIMP v4.00 Build 1683

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