AIMP v4.12 Beta, build 1860

What’s new in AIMP v4.12 Beta, build 1860?


you no longer required to run application as administrator to install add-ons or setup the file associations
support of easy-to-install technology for add-ons packages in *.zip / *.aimppack formats
Audio Converter:

the “shutdown computer after conversion” settings are no longer disabled during conversion operation
presets for the fdkaac command line encoder has been added (thanks to Soolo)


player – player starts playing playlist that imported from external application from second track instead of first in some cases
player – mouse click at icon in notification area may be ignored in some cases
Sound Engine – an error in synchronization mechanism between threads that leads to application crash
File Information – dialog appears behind the music library and playlist windows if the windows are undocked from main and the “stay on top” option is switched on
Music Library – state of the “combine empty grouping levels when possible” option is ignored
Music Library – Local Files – the “automatically delete non-existing files from DB” function works incorrectly in some cases
Music Library – Local Files – the Files Monitoring function does not track the file content changes
Music Library – Local Files – an error in query builder may leads to application crash
Music Library – smart-playlists – content disappears after re-saving the smart-playlist settings
Music Library – smart-playlists – filtering works incorrectly for columns that support the multiple values
Small bugs were fixed

Download AIMP v4.12 Beta, build 1860

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