AIMP Winamp Wrapper 0.2 (aimp_vis_winamp)

Author: Bernhard Schelling.

Type plugin: Visualization.
Version: 0.2

Description: Allows you to connect to AIMP plug-ins visualizations developed for the Winamp, for example, such as Geiss, MilkDrop, AVS, Tripex, Acidspunk and others.


1. Unpack the archive
2. Copy the “file aimp_vis_winamp.dll” in the folder% AIMP3% \ Plugins
3. Open the Settings >> Plugins >> Visual tab and put a check opposite plugin
Alternative: You can simply restart AIMP
4. Click the right mouse button on the visualizations >> submenu “Visualization” select AIMP Winamp Wrapper 0.2:


Connect plugin from the Winamp:
Left-clicking the mouse on the window of visualization and choose Load Plugin …, looking for desired .dll (for example, vis_milk2.dll):

load plugin



aimp_vis_winamp_0.2 (10 Kb)

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