Public Beta Testing AIMP for Android v2.70.507

Hello friends, A few days ago the test version of the AIMP player for android was updated. In the updated version, many bugs were fixed, and a new feature was added to the playlist. What’s new? Playlist: an ability to group playlist items by year tag field Sound Engine: Replay Gain – now you can defined separate preamp for the values from tags and on-the-fly analysis Fixed:

Public Beta Testing AIMP for Android v2.70. Beta

The public beta-testing AIMP for Android v2.70 was launched. Beta testing Attention! This version of the player is a test – it can contain many errors! Please, do not use it in “combat conditions” where stability and quality of work are important.

Public Beta Testing AIMP v4.50 Beta and AIMP for Android v2.60 Beta

Launched public beta testing of new versions of players – AIMP v4.50 Beta and AIMP for Android v2.60 Beta. What’s new in an update? Mobile version. AIMP for Android v2.60 Beta, build 410 (08/08/2017) General: devices with the ARMv6 processor architecture are no longer supported Sound engine: the ability to select a device Sound engine: behavior settings when changing the audio focus Sound Engine: Sample Rate Selection Sound engine: updated equalizer algorithm Player: added the option “roll back for 5 seconds back after a long pause” Player: support for built-in OS decoders Player: added support for the WebM format and its derivatives Player: added the option “to continue playing playlists from ...

AIMP v4.13, build 1897

What’s new in AIMP v4.13, build 1897? Common: localization have been updated Audio Converter: special build of LAME codec with unicode file names support has been added

AIMP v4.13, build 1895

Today we have new update for v4.13, build 1895 What’s new in AIMP v4.13, build 1831? Audio Converter: Encoder to MP3 format is now distributed with app Fixed: Player – an issue with opening files from AIMP’s context menu that integrated to Windows Explorer

AIMP v4.13, build 1893

Today we have new update for v4.13, build 1893 Requirements: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (8.1) / Windows 10 Minimal screen resolution: 1024×768 Download

Whats new in v4.13 in comparing with v4.12?

Plugins: Information bar – an ability to show information bar via hotkey Localization were updated The FLAC codec has been updated to v1.3.2 The WavPack codec has been updated to v5.1.0 Algorithm that calculates channels remapping matrix has been improved
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