Control Plugin v1.0.13.1290

Introducing the new plug-in to control the player using the browser. The current version can be downloaded slightly lower. The plugin is useful if the audio system is connected to a single computer, and you work on the other.

Tesla visualization plugin

Visualization similarity Tesla coil (done on the “technology” Stroboscope 2.0) Inclusion: The first time you click the left mouse button on the window of visualization.

AIMP Winamp Wrapper 0.2 (aimp_vis_winamp)

Author: Bernhard Schelling. Type plugin: Visualization. Version: 0.2 Description: Allows you to connect to AIMP plug-ins visualizations developed for the Winamp, for example, such as Geiss, MilkDrop, AVS, Tripex, Acidspunk and others. Installation:
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