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Questions and Answers. F.A.Q


General issues:

Whether to allow commercial use of AIMP?

So, the player can be used, as for commercial purposes, and personal.

Where can I download free AIMP?

Download the latest version of AIMP is possible on this page.

Will AIMP developed on Linux, MacOS, Windows Mobile and other platforms?

Currently AIMP is developed only under the family of Windows, as well as plans to develop PDA version of the player. Under such a system, like Linux, and Unix – like operating AIMP you can run through Wine.

Whether there is in plans of developers a release of the 64-bit version of a player?

Yes. Coming soon test the 64-bit version.

Questions about the features and capabilities of AIMP: 

Whether the separate player will be developed for reproduction of video of files?

No, in plans of developers of it isn’t present.

Whether there is in a player a function of restriction of repetitions for a track?

This function isn’t present, but it is possible to try “turn of reproduction” (by default Q).

It would be quite good to add a little more visualization in a player

On our site you can download archive with the 33rd visualization.

It is possible to keep player settings in.reg the file, and it is inconvenient to adjust that all over again on other personal computer?

AIMP does not save settings in the registry at all. You can transfer the contents of your profile folder from one computer to another – to reconfigure anything not necessary.

It would be desirable to have opportunity to listen to sound files in a format. lkf?

In plans of authors of the program of addition of this format it isn’t planned.

Do you plan to support for playlists format. xspf?

In the future – is realized.

It would be nice if the playlist was switching function with a vertical to a horizontal menu.

Something similar was planned by developers wait for new releases of the program.

What is MD5?

MD5 – this calculator to check files. It is necessary to check whether or not fitted changed (human or virus) files in the player. The MD5 calculator we take here.

Why AIMP does not support video and will maintain at all?

AIMP was designed and developed as an audio player, so the video support is not planned.

Whether there will be in a player an open code (open source)?

No, such won’t be.

BASS is a free library?

Depends on how to use it.

There is an archive of all AIMP versions?

Almost all AIMP versions are here. You can always download the last version at us on a site.

In a player it is possible to establish plug-ins from Winamp’a?

Yes, but not all. To learn how to connect plug-ins, we read the reference of a player and a forum of an official site.

Supports a player skins from Winamp’a?

No, doesn’t support as AIMP and Winamp have absolutely different structure of the program. But, you can independently make the skin by means of the Skin Editor program or download ready skins in the section.

TrayControl falls through the window that I open. How to make sure that it is always visible?

That TC didn’t fail under windows of other programs, it is necessary to make it “over all windows”. This function can be found on the panel – the third button on the right.

How to disable TrayControl?

To turn off the TC, right-click the icon in the system tray and select “hide TrayControl» or uncheck the “Settings” -> “Player” -> “Trey” -> “Show TrayControl …»

How to record internet radio through Aimp?

This feature can be found under “Settings” -> “Playback” -> “Capture Internet radio.” This function works only when the radio is playing.

Cannot listen to the protected files?

No, this option is not in the AIMP.

Comments ( 11 )

  • Hello,
    I was using AIMP3 for a long time without problems but now I can not playback audio (mp3, Flac,..) and error: “Decoder was not found for this format.” I know that I nothing uninstalled.
    It is possible that it could be caused ba installing BS Player Pro or other media player?
    I do not know where I make a mistake. Thank you for help.

    Best Regards
    Jaroslav Safat

    • +@Jaroslav Safar

      Right click on the folder that contains your audio. choose the security tab, and make sure your user has rights to access – read and write that folder. thats it. no more Decoder was not found for this format.

  • i can delete songs from my hard drive on my laptop, but get an error message when i try to delete songs from my Galaxy Tab 4. Is there a setting I can change?

  • Trying to listen to an icecast stream but it fails. The station is not in the icecast directory. Why can I not just enter an icecast url?

  • Seriously? Who the FUCK puts yellow text on a white background?

    This is just the final straw for me, Aimp is OK at best, annoying at worst and their FAQ has FUCKING YELLOW TEXT ON WHITE. Idiots.

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