[Plugin] Visuals from Sonique


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    • Yes, please download !! But PLEASE learn first how to open a dll file !! Aimp won’t teach you that !!

  • Can this program load up directly to show the visuals and nothing else? I’m trying to integrate this program into Centrafuse for the sonique visuals.

    • These visuals from Sonique are, just like the very few other downloadable visuals for Aimp, a major disappointment: they all are dll files, which are impossible to open !!
      No need to use HTLM to say that the main disappointment with Aimp are the skins– pretty, but all more or less alike (3 basic windows which, without the colors, would look simply dreary)and rather sparse ( very few skins) and the lack of visualizations as we are used to visualizations in Winamp or Windows Media Player. What they call visualization here are tiny rectangles barely visible in the main window. And again, unless one is a geek, who can open a dll file ??
      The skins are easy to download, but forget about the visualizations (usually simply called “plugins”). Remember Milkdrop?? Forget it…it won’t run with Aimp, and your beautiful Soundspectrum visualizations won’t run either — forget G-Force, Aeon, Whitecap–and of course, forget AVS too.
      The only positive points about this “thing” coming from barbaric countries are the equalizer (much more sophisticated than the basic Winamp E.Q.) and the possibility to “rip” internet radio stations.
      But after having installed Aimp, I’m just going to expell it from my computer… a very sad experience !

  • Isn’t it strange to see that only 179 people like Aimp on Facebook, and only 2 people on g+ ?

    Of course, the latest version is much better, but another problem is that most older skins won’t work with Aimp 3.50 and above !
    Winamp skins from year 2000 still work on the latest Winamp release !

  • I thought I’d try it…doesn’t recognize any of my visualization plugins (SoundSpectrum, etc.). That’s good for 2 strikes all by itself. It DOES do a good job with music files, but who really gives a damn…100’s of pieces of software do..I edit lots of videos, and have many of them. I’m looking for visualizations, which means I’m uninstalling this one!

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