Public Beta Testing AIMP v4.50 Beta and AIMP for Android v2.60 Beta

Launched public beta testing of new versions of players –
AIMP v4.50 Beta and AIMP for Android v2.60 Beta.

What’s new in an update?

Mobile version. AIMP for Android v2.60 Beta, build 410 (08/08/2017)

  • General: devices with the ARMv6 processor architecture are no longer supported
  • Sound engine: the ability to select a device
  • Sound engine: behavior settings when changing the audio focus
  • Sound Engine: Sample Rate Selection
  • Sound engine: updated equalizer algorithm
  • Player: added the option “roll back for 5 seconds back after a long pause”
  • Player: support for built-in OS decoders
  • Player: added support for the WebM format and its derivatives
  • Player: added the option “to continue playing playlists from their place of stop”
  • Player: added the transition to the time dialog
  • Player: the ability to switch tracks with volume buttons
  • Player: the ability to share a file
  • Player: support for zooming
  • Playlist: the ability to disable end-to-end numbering
  • Playlist: support auto-generated names
  • Playlist: smart playlists based on folders
  • Playlist: sort by song name
  • Topics: automatic widget tagging in the notification area for the OS style
  • Topics: the potential has been expanded
  • Headset: the ability to assign a command to “hold”
  • Headset: new commands: “slightly forward / backward”, “start from the beginning”
  • Headset: holding the “forward” / “back” buttons now rewinds the track


In PC version AIMP v4.50

  • General: support for high-resolution monitors
  • General: support for monitors with different interface scales
  • Player: added decoders for the formats WebM and Matroska Audio
  • Player: added the option “roll back for 5 seconds back after a long pause”
  • Player: added the option “go to the next track when deleting a playable track from a playlist”
  • Player: support for lyrics in .LRC and .SRT formats (the skin used should support this feature)
  • Playlist: support for monitoring the changes in the prototype in the form of a playlist
  • Playlist: search for files the ability to bring up a dialog with information about the file from the search box
  • Playlist: search for files the item “find in the library” is added to the context menu
  • Skin-engine: support for scaling
  • Skin-engine: the potential has been expanded
  • Audio converter: the ability to close the program after converting
  • Audio converter: at the end of the conversion process statistics are now shown (optional)
  • Tag editor: added fields: author of the text, mood, conductor, catalog, compilation, ISRC, rating, encoder
  • Tag Editor: added the ability to automatically search for lyrics on the Internet (need a plugin)
  • Phonoteka: a new engine for the database productivity has grown by an order of magnitude
  • Phonoteka: added new fields author of the text, mood, conductor, commentary
  • Fonoteka: the ability to quickly reset the column filters through the context menu of the filter button
  • Fonoteka: the ability to reset statistics for selected files
  • Fonoteka: the ability to change the size of the panel with information in the “card” mode in the default skin
  • The library: the window for adjusting the visibility of the columns no longer closes after the first click
  • Plugins: API added interfaces for working and searching for lyrics
  • Plugins: information tape support for the “do not disturb” mode, which appeared in Windows 10



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